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Welcome to the first male pin-up group dedicated entirely to the jungle/tribal/prehistoric theme!

This group is for jaw-dropping jungle guys, tempting tribesmen, handsome hunters, sexy shamans, buff bare-chested barbarians, and Stone Age studs. Run wild with Tarzan, KaZar, grown-up Mowgli, savage Conan, and a bunch of other hunks in loincloths!


1. All art submissions must be on-topic, meaning that they showcase SEXY MEN of a jungle, tribal, or prehistoric theme. If this theme is not evident in the picture, then it will not be accepted.

2. Art submissions must show reasonable artistic and presentation quality. No quick doodles, no blurry photos, no characters with terribly unrealistic anatomies.

3. No children. All main subjects must appear to be 18 years old or older.


And don’t forget to visit :iconprimitive-fantasy: if you like jungle and tribal themed art! :)

Gallery Folders

Commission ~ MIG- Warrior and Hunter by XhiroKhai

Mature Content

Commission: Mig's hunt by Xelgot
Commission: Forest Ryo by Xelgot
Poison Ivy Genderbend by silverjow
Color Digital Drawings
Caught by Quintessence-Fox
Are you Lossst?  by Quintessence-Fox
Commission MiG by poomkup
Never Mind Them by Quintessence-Fox
Color Traditional Art
Conan by marcel815
tarzan by xilrion
Loni and Lori of the Jungle by GeneralHelghast
Jacked Elf Warrior by Kelpiekorn
Black and White
Water is evil by Crescentia-Fortuna
Faun Herald by mike-nash
Tarzan 04 by stillarebel
Tarzan593 by Doodlemark
3-D Rendering
Barbarian-Hero meets Dino-Monster by Catweazle01
Freak 5 with Dragon-friend by Catweazle01
Dangerous Hunting (8) by Catweazle01
Bomba, Chieftain of the Rebel Dinge by BladesofZambe
Photos and Photo-Manips

Mature Content

Londonboy 2 299 by Finexposure

Mature Content

Londonboy 2 333 by Finexposure

Mature Content

Londonboy 2 401 by Finexposure
Deathdealer II by SheridansArt


First of all I want to say thanks to the Founder of JungleHunks :iconskyjaguar: for letting me post this! :iconbadassplz:
Now I want to say Hey to you all! "Hello" I'm :iconsuuxe: and we from BADASS-Characters got a Contest for you all!

Sense this contest is about drawing a character back to the "primitive-age" we from BADASS-Characters thought that some of you might be interested into our contest!

Short term: This contest is all about redesign a futuristic character back to the stone age!

1. Must be from an established movie or television franchise. That franchise can be based on a another medium, such as books or comics.

2. The franchise must be futuristic and high tech (space opera, cyber punk, etc) or the character be known for using futuristic and high tech devices (Iron Man, Batman, etc).

3. The goal is take a character from that franchise and place them into a prehistoric setting. It's an alternate character design to emphasize the primitive, savage and barbaric. The tech level should be very low, though some metal weapons might be allowed.

What we are looking for is these factors.
1. The character must be recognizable.
2. We are looking for creativity. James T. Kirk wearing a Tarzan-loincloth and holding a knife fits the criteria but it's not terrible original or interesting.
3. For the most part, think Stone Age or so tech. Because we know barbarians are popular, we can over look some metal weapons, but that's about it.

-Has to be badass!
-Has to follow the theme of the contest.
-Sketches or low quality are not allowed.
-It has to be a new drawing, not an old one from your gallery.
-Max three submissions per participant (You are able to win more then one prize).

Third Place:
3 months of premium-Ship! :happybounce:
Second Place!:
6 months of Premium-Ship! :hooray:
First Place:
ONE YEAR PREMIUM-SHIP on DeviantArt! :faint:
Winner will also have it's image visible on our home page for like... forever! (at least a year and probably longer)

DEADLINE: 02-06/2014 "day-month/year"
SUBMIT HERE: "badass-characters.deviantart.c…"

PS: You need to be a member of :iconbadass-characters: to be able to submit! So don't forget to apply!
PSS: If there are few submissions we will only have first prize. So the goal is at least 10 submissions!

Need help about submitting? Send a note to Suuxe.

Need help about what you are allowed to make for the contest? Send a note to Andronicusvii.
The idea for this contest came from Andronicusvii who will also give out the prizes!
More Journal Entries


Aod 9Satra Movie Fan Art by poomkup
The Legend of Tarzan by Gilliland35

Mature Content

Lord of the Jungle #10--RisqueCover Art LuiAntonio by stompboxxx
Tribal Hunters - 03 by cloud1986ita
Joe Jusko's Art
TARZAN Step By Step 34 by JoeJusko
King of the Beasts by JoeJusko
Full Nelson by JoeJusko
Tarzan and The Golden Lion by JoeJusko
Vehemel's Art
Jungle Keeper II by Vehemel
A Barbarian by Vehemel
Jungle Keeper by Vehemel

Mature Content

We Hate Kittens.... by Vehemel
More Great Stuff
Witchdoctor Scene by Kuthinks

Mature Content

Commission: MiG by Yaoi-World
Tarzan and Jane inktober sketch by StazJohnson
Tarzan by nassosv48








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